Venus Factor

What is the venus factor ? A fitness program for women of all ages , Venus made ​​factor . The focus of the program is cut or weight loss . The idea is to get that female form , which is perfect ! The Venus Factor is a fitness and diet system for the female body , which occurred a fresh method of weight loss for women . The program has quickly attracted the eyes of women around the world for its ability to redesign the female body .Simply put , it is one of the very discussed fat loss programs for women thresholds that delivers entire weight loss along with body contouring system . Is Venus Factor is really exclusive , let ‘s find out ! The parts of the entire system from are as follows: Weight loss and Diet Chef . The 12 -week Trainingssystem- that contains a library of educational videos exercise and all the 12 -week training system that you could do at home or at a gym .The Venus Factor Virtual nutritionist – is a software application that your unique caloric and protein requirements calculated for weight loss unique to your body measurements . The Venus Community – A private online community unique reference only Venus Factor members . You start your own blog within the area , meet and study on other Venus members or just to browse Council members websites and online community .Your participation is your choice . The Venus fat loss program Work Starting Use Venus fat loss program is just a simple 4 increments program . 1. Determine venus factor
your female body type in Session 1. Fit the image that best represents your body frame and shape2 . Enter your own monthly routine . So you can recognize which training plan scheme you need to be on . 3. Change . Your meals for your lifestyle Instead, you can be on the run or a stayathome mother , you have to be able to map to locate the visual , which foods you need to follow going4 get .Subscribe to the Venus FLOODING community and seek others who work on your custom plan that are equal and begin in order to achieve success ! The Venus Factor is a nutrition , diet and exercise program along with advice on lifestyle choices that are healthy and inspiring to provide leadership as a way to women with the basic skills to help them achieve sustainable weight control . The program was made ​​to create both an adequate calorie reduction and increase in calorie consumption .Food Guidelines are a personalized recommendation calories based on the customers current anthropometric measurements , height, weight and level currently a matter of routine . The goal is to provide healthy and practical guidelines to transfer customers from an early period , the average caloric deficit in a sustained calorie level for long haul weight maintenance . As it relates to weight loss , our calories and exercise recommendations of the current body of study offered are derived in healthy adult women .The exercise program summarized for average intensity exercise 3-4 times a week will be carried out for a period of about 45 to 60 minutes per session . We offer choice and to choose more exercise video demonstrations that allow the user exercises that currently fits her condition . VENUS FACTOR : advantages and disadvantagesProsA unique fitness program for women should you want to play beautiful female quantities . This allows you to fit and beautiful body bottle have in place a fit unattractive box body .A training program that exceeds the physical fitness and health . The aim of this program is to give you this beautiful feminine look . Underlines the right shape in the low weight – that’s really concentrate much better metric for women . A powerful workout and diet plan that does not let you adjust volume . That is , you will be able to keep your sexy feminine features . Treat the weight reduction Trifecta diet, exercise , and inspiration .Based on extensive research and scientific findings . Extremely effective. This is the diet and workout regime designed to offer the lowest amount time maximum effect . The success stories motivate . There was actually very much more dramatic changes produced by the program . Recommendations of the authors mentioned . While also in the It shows the reliability of the claim , confirm each program does this in good faith .The workouts are demonstrated by videos and photos , so it’s easy to check , and run each of the workouts properly . The program guides for each lady , at every level of physical fitness . So you can do the workouts , you simply need to be in good health . This software application is not really pound and weighing yourself. You just need to get the best shape for your body . They are not taking on anyone.You do not have to count calories , in addition to to be limited too much . You can enjoy your chosen food in factor , needless to say . No expensive gym gear is required , all household are workouts . Including a 60 day 100% money back assuranceConsStrictly for women . It is a replacement program for boys , which is made of the exact same authorNot easy to use designed . The program assumes that you currently know about your interest in exercise and diet charts , while section explains how to use this program or no user manual to be abandoned.No beginner . That’s not clear basic fitness terms . The program assumes that you are just beginning to understand concepts such as sets and representatives , weight classes and so onthis program takes a little quantity of work . If you are looking for designer workout program , a silver bullet weight loss solution or Bodyjam like lessons , you are taking a look in the wrong product . Additional investment could be expected on supplements , healthier foods and exercise equipment or gym memberships .Many parts of the program is online . This product will not be able to help you if you do not have Internet access in your grocery store or gym . Inconsistent customer service response . In some cases, however, you are an answer to the majority of the time you do not get . The actual food item offers great flexibility , may also significantly flexibility . Some women were discovered a structured diet has been helpful.VF is info on formation of the body and always perfect figure . For those who are trying a number of pounds to lose quickly then this program is not for one person . You have to follow the plan , practice difficult with 100 % commitment . Only works for women . This program is worthless to suit your needs if you are a man The program depends pub – if you have any bone damage , it is not adapted to your needs .Digital product easily . No physical products will likely be delivered to you . As Venus weight loss program Function Starting Use Venus fat loss program is just a simple 4 increments program . 1. Identify your female body in session . 1 Assemble the image , the finest presents your body shape and frame2 . Enter your regular monthly regime . This will surely help you to determine which training plan programs should be on3 .Customize your food to live in your way . Rather, you are to stay or go in the house Mama , you have the option of visual maps to exactly what foods you should follow to use Discover receive begun4 . Sign up for the Venus COMMITMENT group and discover others that are on the exact same custom plan and begin together to help you achieve success ! The Venus Factor is just a diet , nutrition and exercise program with motivating tips in order and information about healthy lifestyle integrated options to help the necessary skills to them to achieve sustainable weight control women .Increase the calories burned and the program was designed to both create a moderate calorie restriction . Dietary guidelines provided by a custom calorie recommendation based on current anthropometric measurements , size , customer bodyweight and currently degree of normal exercise . The aim is practical and healthy guidelines offer to go to the client to your permanent calories stage for long-term weight maintenance from a precursor of adequate caloric deficit .Exercise recommendations and our calories are based on available research in healthy adult women power body based , as it relates to weight loss . The training program is described for moderate intensity exercise 3-4 times be carried out from about 45 to 60 minutes per session for the duration of a week. We offer several options and exercise video demonstrations that allow the user to workouts , select the time their corresponding level of physical fitness .What is included in venus dietSection 1 : Nutrition Access to custom software and a nutrition guide section 2 : Custom workout program and VideocoachinglessonsSection 3 : And you also get access to : access to an online community with other women who also do this diet and exercise program . that’s right ,. only $ 47The Venus Factor program is also backed by our 100 % no questions asked money back guarantee . , ,

Venus Factor

If you’re reading this , you must have come a long way through all the products of weight loss and their high demands , perplexed reviews and more. And now we know that not all provide what they promise , Most of them are just an inspired version of the famous weight loss programs . You know , Factor Venus venus factor
is the higher ranking system of weight loss in the market with weekly sales of about 5. 000 ? What makes it so great and terrible ? It’s really something different ? As? So here , in one place , we have gathered all our research and surveys on the famous program of body transformation factor of Venus venus factor
.What we learned through all the reviews available on the internet on the product that has the first floor of effective diet that is the only works only for women . The entire program was made to manage the problems of overweight females and provide them with 100% guaranteed results . That’s the name of the mastermind behind this product . John Barban , the creator of The Venus venus factor
Factor think that losing weight is a piece of cake : The mind behind this program is a renowned fitness coach and a nutritionist named John Barban .John is also the first to understand the difference between the diet of a woman and a man diet . The whole idea of the factor of Venus venus factor
revolves around the notions An obese woman can never achieve a slim body if you follow the diet that men follow , because the metabolism of women is slightly different from the man so they should also diet according to it. There are a lot of factors that a woman should look into before you get into any kind of diet to lose weight .Once you get a grip on the cause of your problems of weight loss , getting rid of it becomes a no-brainer , says Barban . The factor of Venus venus factor
A well- designed program of thumb: Barban used his experience , his studies , research and experiments to create this program that claims to help 100 % effectively for women trying to get a slim body at a time shorter time . Barban found a link between the consumption of food of a woman with the hormones that generate within her body .A bit ‘ of mis- balance can lead to obesity that can not be handled by regular exercises and diets . Barban in its initial phase of the creation of this plan , he explored the hormone leptin , which plays a key role in weight control and appetite . The main function that weight control is that manages the blood and the flow to the brain’s appetite center , directing it on how much to eat and when to do it . And the second main function performs stimulating fatty tissues of the body to burn stored fat .Leptin should have to be in balanced quantities in the body. More or less amount of leptin , both due to a human body loses its natural form . The factor of Venus venus factor
must special techniques to maintain balanced leptin in the body so that weight control can be solved. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL SITE OF VENUS female factor FAT LOSS RESULTS WEBSITEDESIRED within 12 weeks : the factor Venus venus factor
is a comprehensive guide to lose weight fast and help women achieve a sexy slim body without any poor diet or exercise.The plan consists of 12 weeks of training to achieve a healthy body in shape , lose 2-3 pounds per week . Yummiest has yet healthy recipes designed to kill the extra fat in the body. Diet has separate plans for each week , from breakfast to dinner , it has everything you need to eat to lose weight fast . The correct result of the guide would provide the expected results and expected within 12 weeks . It also has lists of foods that you should avoid like the plague , to prevent fat storage in the body.These include refined sugars , excess carbohydrates , alcohol and carbonated beverages , but rest assured , the program Venus venus factor
Factor does not produce desire for eating poorly or cause lower metabolism , energy reduced or frustrating plateaus . Patience is a virtue , but if you are really willing to return to your subtle body , you need to have patience and strong will , without it , you can get out on track again . What else is there in the smart package ? Factor Venus venus factor
is a complete program online , manuals rich digital content at high resolution .The main manual ( Manual Diet ) has all the information about the training program . The diet section includes recipes , nutritional advice and supplements , the leadership of the daily intake of food and everything else . Guide training , it is full of instructional videos and manuals to guide correctly on every exercise you need in your training . All the exercises mentioned in factor Venus venus factor
are simpler but effective you lose weight fast . It takes 10-20 minutes a day to practice at home.No need to go to the gym , your home and this guide is enough for you . The factor of Venus venus factor
also has a mobile application called Virtual Nutritionist , which is only available for members of this product . This application is a manager of your weight gain / lose information . It keeps the records and memories of your diet plan . You have to put your data such as age , height and weight into it and will monitor the daily consumption of food and the functioning of your program on your diet .Online community factor Venus venus factor
is good platform for its member to interact and share their experience with each other . Also responsible for the actions of the group community exclusive tips on health , every day in the group . It ‘ a great tool provided only by a factor of Venus venus factor
. Moreover , Podcast factor of Venus venus factor
is like an icing on the cake . He interviews people who have used the product and achieved the objectives successfully .In addition , there are quiz competition for members daily , winning put exciting prizes from the team factor Venus venus factor
. ‘ Also a kind of show motivation for members to remain encouraged during their formation . Factor Venus venus factor
is the best diet plan so far , for women who are trying to get a slim body in a short period of time , without working hard . This program and your willpower is all it takes to get the desired results .A lot of women have achieved their goals through factor Venus venus factor
, as you can see in their platform and online forums . Some of the comments and stories , we are sharing here for all of you to read . Experience with Venus venus factor
Factor : Beautiful Richards , 21, is a student who fell in obesity when he hit puberty and since then , has continued to gain day after day until the fat has got Venus venus factor
factor . Here’s what he shared with us , I started gaining weight when I got 14 times that I started having periods .But then I realized that my thighs and hips are getting fatter by the day. First, I did not have very curious , but when I realized that how important it is for a woman to have a good body , the tension had on my nerves . Six years of various diets , exercises , training did not help much as it did with the Venus venus factor
factor . At the age of 20 , my mother made ​​me this program and I followed exactly as it was driven in the book . Within 2 months , the results I got were no less than a magic .It helped me get a perfect body looking . As I now know the proper ways to exercise and have proper diets , I can beat obesity very soon , I’m sure. Rosie Lee , 27, a teacher , is a charming woman looking with a good sense of humor , he shared his story about Venus venus factor
Factor , I saw myself in the mirror and I could see how beautiful I look with perfect body shape , flat belly and thighs tight . Before I could catch my mirror selfie , my alarm clock rang and I woke up from this dream that I was trying to accomplish by the last 3 years.Now , when I saw myself in the same mirror , I could see how horrible I look with a swollen belly , heavy cheeks , double chin and heavy thighs . I said , No, this can not be me . I am what I just saw in the dream and if I want I can get that body as they say, nothing is impossible . I continued to try diets that have been recommended by the consultants of fitness , also took medicines prescribed by doctors and did all my willpower I took too much .But no, there was something important I was missing . Besides the factor of Venus venus factor
she helped me understand what I was missing all this time . It taught me the exact way and easy to deal with my weight problem and now, I’m doing great with my training and lost about 20 pounds in 8 weeks. I’m happy as I can see my dream come true . Emma Wallace , 45 , a house wife with three children , I gained weight twice my actual weight when I got my first pregnancy , I first thought it would be powered with time , but I did not , instead she went to grow .I began to look like the double of age . Overweight also made ​​me into other health issues , such as asthma , heart problems , and even depression . With the help of doctors , I have control and dealt with my asthma and depression problems , but obesity has brought me around to find its cure , but nothing made ​​me 100 % results before I got my hand to factor of Venus venus factor
. It has certainly changed my life and have not only solved my problem , but more weight other health problems too.Thanks to Venus venus factor
Factor , It ‘s amazing ! . You can read more reviews and feedback from women all over the world , in the online community of Venus venus factor
Factor. Pointers Pin Venus venus factor
Factor : -The only program of weight loss on the market that focuses entirely on the fitness of women. Also known as a program of transformation of the body with 100% effective and visible results in a period of time shorter. -E Taken John Barban a great deal of research , studies and experiments to find a permanent solution to obesity .This is why the factor of Venus venus factor
is scientifically proven , natural program that delivers what it promises . -The Intelligent package of Venus venus factor
Factor contains an El Dorado in the microcosm as audio , video , calendar workout routine every week , more manuals , list of consultants fitness , 24/7 customer support, the online community for members of Venus venus factor
Factor and much more. – It has several checklists and indexes as leptin diet plan .The program has special techniques to maintain balanced leptin in the body so as not to cause obesity now or in the future . – They Center online community known as The Venus venus factor
Immersion , where all members of Venus venus factor
factor Meet and Greet and share feedback that helps members plan more appropriate strategy to make their training more effective and faster . – A manual rapid weight loss is also there in the smart package of Venus venus factor
Factor , who works for those who have more fat stored in their cheeks , chin , neck and belly .This intensive course to lose weight is not for obese people . This is only for those who are not fat , but do not carry the stored fat in some part of their body . -The Complete program is available online which means that you can access from anywhere in the world and their customer support is also available on almost all major languages ​​, so that no members feel isolated . Member participation is highly encouraged in the community of Venus venus factor
Factor.The factor of Venus venus factor
is now available in DISCOUNTED OFFER : You can have the full access of the program now in just 47 $ . Half of half the price , is offered with a bonus of free access to the social NOW ! Do not be too late to take advantage of this opportunity and take immediately ! . .

Venus Factor

Rate this . . . 3. 0426 The Venus Factor is a program created for women by John Barban which aims to transform their bodies . Essentially , after following this program , women should develop an hourglass figure , and that means a lot of work goes into the shoulder area. While the program is specifically for women who are looking to lose more than 10 pounds by following the routine of diet and exercise stipulated by Barban , almost all women can benefit from it , as I soon discovered .What I liked most about the program was that not only helped to build muscle , but also to burn fat , so it is generally able to produce results much faster . Each workout contains about 10 to 12 repetitions , and there’s a 60- second rest between each exercise ; This is short , intense and helps operate the body really . I really respect the fact that the program is not spouting claims about being a shortcut to weight loss or physical perfection ; it is clear that you must put in the work to achieve concrete results .What makes it DifferentOne of the fundamental premises for the factor of Venus is that it actually meant to reshape a woman’s body , unlike many other venus factor
programs on the market . Other courses focus exclusively on diet or exercise, while other venus factor
s use the same approach to training as men , but this negates the fact that women have a physical form attractive and the program aims to develop this . >> Click here to buy the Venus FactorClick here to buy the Venus FactorClick here to buy the Venus FactorClick here to buy the Venus FactorClick here to buy the Venus FactorClick here to buy the Venus FactorClick here to buy the factor of Venus ,

How to be a Old School New Body affiliate part 2

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How to be an Old School New Body affiliate

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Video Edit Master

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Video Editing: Video Edit Master allows you to edit your video files that have the same encoding, the same resolution and the same rate. Apart from that, you can preview your files and define the starting point and end point of a sequence, adjust volume, etc.
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Import: with its friendly and intuitive interface, you can import your videos with the file browser or simply drag and drop files. Note that batch processing is possible.

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Chocolate Brownie with Almonds

I was getting my sister and a friend this week who demanded me asked a good chocolate cake. A little overwhelmed by mywork I found myself quickly looking at the last minute a cake that would do the trick on the blogosphere. I just cracked onthe brownie almond my small cabbage, or one or two I was in the kitchen. He came out of the oven that my guests arrivedwith a good smell in the House! He had the expected success, I still had the chance to have remains to take picture and giveyou the recipe! :-)




200 gr caster sugar (or brown sugar)
120 g of salted butter (or 120 gr soft butter + 1 pinch of salt)
50 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder
50 gr of flour
50 g almond powder
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 cc of baking powder
1/2 cc of vanilla extract liquid
A few (optional) coarsely crushed nuts


Mix the sugar and cocoa in a bowl.
Make melt the butter in the Anova Precission Cooker and pour it into the bowl.
Blend well and then stir in the eggs and vanilla.
Add the flour and ground almonds (and possibly nuts).
Pour the mixture into a mold to lack of 20-22cm in diameter or a brownie dish.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 25-30 minutes of cooking.
Let stand in pan at room temperature for 1 hour.
Serve with custard for more of gluttony! 😉